Schembri Financial Consulting (SFC) offers the full spectrum of consulting services to suit varying client requirements, ranging from a full financing strategy/program/overhaul to discrete restructure and optimisation of financial terms
Reliable financial insight from independent assessment and evaluation

The priority here is to first establish the context, which includes the financial circumstances of the client, proposal or program and then gathering accurate insight of gaps and vulnerabilities within the existing or proposed financing arrangements. On this basis, SFC can then objectively assess if the arrangement is sustainable and whether it potentially under-delivers, or is surplus, to requirements resulting in undue risk for the client, proposal or program.

Developing options for a more optimal financial strategy

Findings from the independent assessment and evaluation are used to guide the development of options that will move a client or program towards a better financial strategy that has adequate risk mitigation. Depending on individual circumstances and needs, this may involve significant change to the type, terms and structure of financial arrangements, as well as underlying changes to funding relationships and financing partners.

Ensuring a confident, informed approach to market

Because SFC consultants themselves hail from senior banking and finance ranks, they have vast industry networks and knowledge of internal processes that can expedite negotiation and funding access. Financiers respect their fluency with technical concepts while clients are assured of industry specialists working in their corner and advocating their best interests.

Facilitating better partnerships and working relationships

SFC’s expertise further extends into facilitating other key development activities that inform meaningful communication and effective working relations between individuals, businesses and corporations and their financiers, financing partners and banks. Useful applications of this include gap analysis, risk mitigation, business analysis, Expressions of Interest (EOI), and application review processes.

Tackling difficult conditions and communications

In times of distressed or difficult financial conditions, the motivation to communicate well is at its peak yet often, clients see this as one of the most daunting contexts for conversing and negotiating with financiers. SFC can undertake strategic review and consultation to help clients prepare for this challenge and/or represent clients directly in re-opening the lines of communication with financiers and leading negotiations to develop alternative options or terms.

Company side bank negotiations

SFC has the banking expertise to conduct Company side Bank negotiations in terms and language that the Bank understands.

With SFC working “on your side” you will have a partner with the banking knowledge and experience to negotiate and get you the outcome that you have always wanted.